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20 February 2020: Assessing the contribution made by the food chain to the burden of UK-acquired norovirus infection (Note: This is the Final Technical Report for NoVAS and was submitted to the FSA 24 September 2019)

21 May 2019: Use of F-specific RNA bacteriophage to estimate viable norovirus levels in oysters

05 December 2018: Prevalence of Norovirus in produce sold at retail in the United Kingdom

04 December 2018: The use of capture-recapture methods to provide better estimates of the burden of norovirus outbreaks from seafood in England, 2004–2011

10 October 2018: Foodborne and Food-Handler Norovirus Outbreaks: A Systematic Reviews

02 May 2018: A One‑Year Survey of Norovirus in UK Oysters Collected at the Point of Sale

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